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Our Story: 40 Years
Serving You!

Article by "The Daily Herald"
Mountain Centennial, Friday, May 10 1996



Jose Rubio was born on June 3rd, 1925. He was born in Tequesquitlan, Jalisco, a small farming community. On March 25, 1944 he married his lovely bride Felicitas Rubio. Together they moved to Tijuana, during 1944-1962 Jose and Felicitas managed 2 restaurants. Later Jose opened the first Jalisco style Mexican Restaurant, he named it the Tlaquepaque after a small town that is famous for it's traditional plate "Birria". In 1962 Jose was offered a job by Robert Wright, in Provo, Utah. In October of 1962 he arrived with his wife and 4 children; Heriberto, Marta, Virginia, and Lilia. Later in 1967 Felicitas gave birth to the youngest son, Carlos.

Since 1962 El Azteca has been located in 746 E. 820 N., on the 2nd floor. In 1974 he opened a second restaurant in Orem, after 4 years of success the building was sold and Jose had to close it. In 1980 Jose opened his third El Azteca Restaurant State Street in Orem. After a recession and low economy in Utah, Jose had to close again. However, the Provo restaurant continued with much success, and during the fall of 1990 El Azteca introduced a catering wagon. It served the community until June of 1994, then on July 1st, 1994 El Azteca introduced the Taqueria (Taco Shop) concept to Provo. The Taqueria located at 46 W. 1230 N., has enjoyed it's tremendous acceptance by those seeking authentic Mexican Cuisine.


Since Jose and family embarked in a Mexican cooking adventure, they have served over 4 million meals (as of May 10, 1996). El Azteca has employed over 1500 students and members of the community. In order to accomplish this task he would import the majority of his ingredients from Tijuana, Mexico, there for Jose traveled monthly or bi-monthly to pick up fresh supplies.


Jose's personal commitment to prepare and serve the best authentic Mexican food he can has required long hours of preparation and dedication . El Azteca has become a Provo tradition since it's opening in 1962. Now the Rubio family 2nd & 3rd generations continue this tradition. Being the first Mexican Restaurant in the valley it introduced many authentic dishes like, Chile Rellenos, Chimichangas, Steak Platters, and many more. Jose also introduced 15 varieties of fruit punch. The menu has been expanded due to the many returned missionaries who have served in Latin American Countries.


As a young married man, Jose had a wish. He wished for a restaurant that would allow him to teach and train his family and serve his customers in an alcohol and tobacco free environment. He felt that his wish was just a wish until he arrived in Utah. In Utah his wish came true, and Jose thanks his loyal customers for creating the atmosphere in which his greatest experience of life became more than just a wish. Jose, Felicitas, and family are grateful for the wonderful memories that will last a lifetime, The Rubio's reconfirm their personal commitment to continue the El Azteca tradition.

End of Article by "The Daily Herald"
Mountain Centennial, Friday, May 10 1996



After 39 years El Azteca Mexican Restaurant, located South of BYU campus, closed its door. Many old friends of El Azteca and the Rubio's now wonder where they can get the fresh authentic food they continue to crave. The answer-- although the Restaurant is closed the Legend is by no means gone. Now you, your friends and family can find us at two convenient locations. First is at El Azteca Taco shop in Provo, the second at El Azteca Taquería in Orem.

The Provo Taco Shop was opened in 1995 on 46 W. 1230 N. (Bulldog Blvd.). It has experienced wonderful growth in both menu and new friends. The authentic menu continues to be one of the most diverse locally. You will find all of your El Azteca favorites like: Homemade Bean Soup, Fresh Chips and Salssa, Enchiladas, Tacos, Chimichangas, and Deep Fried Ice Cream.

The Orem Taquería opened in 1998. on 78 South state Street. The festive mural of Old Mexico greets you as you walk in the door. That's not the only thing, the sweet aroma of our new items such as our famous Choco-Flan, Acapulco (shrimp) Enchilada, and Ranchero Nacho await you as well.

Perhaps many of you wonder, who is running the Shops after the passing of José Rubio, El Azteca's founder in 1962? The Rubio family continues to strife to serve the best. Felicitas, José's only true love, continues to Live the Legacy with her son-in-law Eugenio Revuelta, and daughter Martha Díaz by her side. In this way the Rubio's continue the legacy of providing quality service and authentic fresh Mexican Food!

This Section Written by: Belinda Ayala


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